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  • Step 3 Upload Documents:

    * All documents need to be in the original PDF format except for the Payroll Journal (Excel or .csv only), and the screenshots of the PPP forgiveness as mentioned above. No images, pngs, jpgs, scans, or scanned copies of PDFs or Excel spreadsheets. If they are in these prohibited formats, they'll be rejected and asked to resubmit them in the original PDF or Excel format. If you need help with the PDF format, please ask us, we're here to help!

  • Millions of Dollars Already Secured!

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    Business Consulting Firm in Newport Beach, California, 19 W-2 Employees;
    $44,960 Credit

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    Restaurant Ownership Group in Florida,

    224 W-2 Employees;
    $1,120,000 Credit

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    Presentation Design Agency in Nashville, TN,

    19 W-2 Employees;
    $162,979 Credit

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    Montessori School in Addison, Illinois,

    35 W-2 Employees;
    $175,000 Credit

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    Restaurant in Houston, Texas,

    80 W-2 Employees;
    $400,000 Credit

  • • Single location Steakhouse $213,029.88

    • Temp Staffing Company $259,099.46

    • Hair Salon $107,792.22

    • Multi-location Sandwich Shop $371,551.39

    • Single location Pizza $58,255.25

    • Toilet Manufacturer $252,104.88

    • Church $30,782.22

    • Gym $51,455.01

    • Four Location Hotel $620,416.97

    • Home Health Staffing Services $599,891.59

    • Nutrition Products US Distributor $1,152,330.98

    • General Contractor $364,283.71

    • 4-location Restaurant $528,340.02

    • Field Examinations $324,846.66

    • Marketing Graphics $50,954.46

    •Commercial Cleaning Owner $80,394.16

    • ESL School $111,150.41

    • Local Restaurant $528,340.02

    • HVAC Contractor $39,262.33

    • Environmental Engineer $21,000.00

    • Marketing Agency $50,954.46

    • 4 location Mexican Restaurant $2,014,000.00

    • Dental Practice $125,867.34

    • Automotive Car Dealership $406,798.25

    • Non-Profit Organization $359,923.65

    These are just some of the businesses helped and there are hundreds more.... will yours be next?

  • C. E., Church Financial Manager, Virginia

    I had previously heard about the Employee Retention Tax Credit but was skeptical of what seemed too good to be true.I was referred by a church member who assured me of their reputability. It took less than a month to find out that our church was eligible for a mid-six figure tax credit! I am so appreciative of the support provided by the team at ERTC.com and the excellent communication throughout the process.

    Bob K., BBQ Restaurant, Missouri

    Our restaurant had a phenomenal experience working with the team at ERTC.com. In less than 3 weeks, we discovered we were eligible for over $400k in tax credits! I still can’t believe this is real!

    Michael L., Multi-location Retail Franchisee, Georgia

    I admit we had no idea about the Employee Retention Tax Credit before speaking to Traci at ERTC.com. In just over 6 weeks, we learned that we qualified for $773k in total rebates!

    Betsy W., Transportation Company CFO, California

    Our transportation company qualified for over $500k in total ERTC credits. ERTC.com went the extra mile for us – patiently answering our questions. I really appreciate our account manager Lehman who guided us through each step of the process.

  • Don’t Let Misconceptions Hold You Back From Claiming Your ERTC Credit.

    The ERTC tax incentive is heavily underutilized due to misconceptions surrounding eligibility. Take a look at some of the most common ERTC misconceptions.

  • ERTC Misconceptions

    We Had No Revenue Decline

    Revenue is one of many factors that determine whether you qualify for ERTC. In fact, companies without a considerable revenue decline can still qualify for the employee retention tax credit.

    Our Business Is Not Essential

    Your business does not have to be deemed essential to qualify for employee retention tax credit.

    We Have Received A Paycheck Protection Program Loan Before

    Companies that have received one or both PPP fundings are eligible for the employee retention tax credit.

    We Never Shut Down Our Business

    The ERTC tax incentive has several provisions that make it possible for employers who were not forced to completely shut down their business to qualify for the ERTC. Businesses that were forced to partially shut down their business can make a claim. Additionally, those businesses without a government mandate to shut down or partially shut down their business can still qualify through revenue decline.

    Our Revenue Went Up After A Shift In The Market

    Although your revenue increased for the year, many companies experienced declines in one or more quarters in 2020 and/or 2021 when compared to 2019. These short-term revenue declines allow you to qualify even with increased annual revenues.

    It’s Too Late To Apply For The ERTC

    If eligible, employers can claim the ERTC for qualified wages paid in 2020, as well as Q1, Q2, and Q3 of 2021. The statute of limitations for the 2020 ERTC does not close until April 15, 2024. The statute of limitations for the 2021 ERTCs does not close until April 15, 2025.

  • Our Process Involves:



    Determining whether you fit the eligibility criteria


    Reviewing finances and gross receipts for 2019, 2020, and 2021


    Drafting a compelling narrative that highlights the impact of COVID-19 on your business and executive summary to support your ERTC tax claim


    Analyzing your PPP loans utilization to cover employee wages and accurately determining your eligibility while maximizing your ERTC claim


    Preparation and filing of all necessary federal tax forms and related documentation


    Collaborating with your payroll firm to gather documents necessary


    Audit support for all periods


    Assess viability and facilitate obtaining advance funding for ERTC claim

  • Got Questions?

    Please take a look at the answers to our frequently asked questions on ERTCs at a glance.